As the largest business process outsourcing company, we clearly outline our service offerings to our valued clients based on our industry experiences and best practices in the fast growing market place.

Industry Solution

RDS Group understands that every industry needs different approach and solutions. RDS provides custom-fit and often industry-first solution to address customers' document process issues. Our Integrated Policy Production Solution and Incoming Document Processing Solution address every issue in Life Insurance’s New Business Process in Insurance Industry, thus only leaving the Underwriting task to the Insurance. Our solutions enable our Insurance Industry customers to focus on their core business, improve corporate image, increase productivity and save cost.




Insurance Industry

RDS has vast experience in providing end to end solution in life and general insurance segments since 2006. Our end to end solution includes document processing services of document receiving, document pre-screen, document scanning, data capture, indexing, policy production, delivery manifest system and phone verification.

RDS’s Market Share in Insurance Industry is approximately 58 % based on number of policies issued from life insurance in Indonesia. RDS monthly volume for Policy Production in this particular industry, on average from January – December 2013, is more than 132,500 policies per month. And RDS monthly volume for Imaging Solution is, on average from January – December 2013, more than 8.2 million insurance documents per month.

insurance industry
banking industry

Banking Industry

In banking segment, RDS offers solution and services from Pre-Screen, Data Capture, Indexing and Variable Statement Printing . With better understanding of clients' business operation requirement, as valued business partner to clients, RDS expanded new line of business in banking segment namely customer contact center outsourcing focusing on verification process.


Other Industry

With extensive industry knowledge and experience in financial service institutions, RDS extended our solution and services to other industries such as government segment, telco, education, pharmaceutical many other segments that required similar solution.


Integrated Insurance
Businesses Solution


In Insurance Businesses, RDS Group provides Integrated
Document Solution, consist of Incoming Document Processing
and Integrated Policy Production.



Incoming Document Processing


Incoming Document Processing in new business process inside every Insurance companies is relatively tedious, and lengthy. Traditional business process in most of insurance companies are hardcopy documents in new business applications.

RDS recognized the common issues faced by companies and designed an Incoming Document Process solution to help companies to solve hardcopy processing issues.

The Incoming Document Processing which includes Document Receiving System, Document Checking System, Document Imaging System, Data Capture System and Reporting system, are designed to assist companies to be able to get customers’ data from hardcopy documents into their systems for business generation in an efficient, productive, accurate and secured manner.


Integrated Policy Production

In-house printing has becoming a challenge for company with its high costs in man-power resource, waste management, vendor management, warehouse and delivery management, and the equipment maintenance. With high maintaining costs in producing low-volume prints is never cost-effective in any business. Printing cost will become much higher when print volume is small and inconsistent.

RDS is fully equipped with facilities, equipment and resources to provide various printing solutions and packages to help companies to solve the long term problem.

Having wide range of high speed printers, finishing equipment, competent operation team and delivery services, customers able to outsource small to high-volume printing jobs to RDS. RDS has the capability and capacity to handle large volume of printing tasks by ensuring quality is achieved.