As a part of our commitment to our valued clients, RDS group launches its digital marketing solution with personalization, analytics and multichannel integration capability. Be named as Integrated Cross Media (ICM) services by RDS group, ICM focuses on tying your marketing campaign program and objectives on a measurable results through extensive use of cutting edge technologies. With ICM, you may enhance your customer’s experience and awareness towards your brands or products.





Through our marketing analytics solution, you may expand both of your market share and customer’s wallet share. We identify and analyze your database and align them with your marketing objectives. Since our marketing analysis level is up to a single customer view, this enables you to do up-selling and cross-selling effectively. Ultimately, our marketing analytics solution is built upon your convenience.



Connect your customers with a personalized messages for products or services they want, need and love. Through our personalized communication solution, you may reach your hundreds, thousands or even millions of customer differently. Given the power to customize your message to your customer, you may also use this solution for other marketing objectives such as driving sales, sales lead generation, in-store visit, etc.





Composing a spot on marketing strategy sometimes can be consider as dreadful since both traditional and digital means are massively available on the market. Hence, knowing what is the most suitable strategy for your market is also critical in terms of allocating your resources. Marketing strategies should be build upon the needs of your customer. Therefore, you have to reach them on their preferred channel at the right time with the right messages. Our multichannel integration capability is made up of printed mailers/coupons, emails, websites/microsites, mobile apps, short message service (SMS), video, social media, point of sales (POS) and call centre. By utilizing our solution, you will be able to deliver a ‘complex’ marketing strategy rather than complicated one. Apart from its complexity, our marketing dashboard will provide you the necessary information about your marketing campaign on a real-time basis at your most favorable time.





ICM provides you an end to end digital marketing solutions. Starting from identifying your pain point you wish to resolve, segmenting and profiling your customer database, developing and delivering your marketing campaign creatively, and evaluating campaign execution for future development through measurable results and real-time data. We will have them exclusively tailored just for your needs.